March 6, 2019 - Regular Meeting

Vice-Chairman Andy Keister called the Regular Monthly Meeting of the Montour Township Planning Commission to order on March 6, 2019 at 6:30pm in the municipal building, Rupert, PA.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Members present:  Vice-Chairman Andy Keister, Secretary Joe Mullen and James Yoncuski. Absent was Chairman Terry Hoover.  Also present was Zoning Officer Tim Mauk.


MOTION Jimmy Yoncuski, second Joe Mullen, to approve the agenda as revised.  Motion Carried.


MOTION Jimmy Yoncuski, second Joe Mullen, to approve the meeting minutes for February 6, 2019 as drafted.  Motion Carried.


New Member

MOTION Joe Mullen, second Jimmy Yoncuski, to recommend the Board of Supervisors appoint Melissa Matthews as Planning Commission Member and Debbie Midkiff as Planning Commission Member Alternate.  Motion Carried


Agricultural Security Area

The Planning Commission has no objection to the proposed addition by Jeff Giger 322 Ridge Road, and Connie Giger 321 Ridge Road, to the existing ASA in Montour Township.


Larry Sponenberg advised of pending additional property to be added to the existing Township ASA. 


Planning Consultant

Tabled awaiting contract proposal.


Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan

The commission will review and discuss at the April meeting.


Quality of Life Ordinance

The Commission received the draft copy of the QLO and will review for the April meeting.


Public Comment

Tim Mauk inquired about the fee schedule for the Quality of Life Ordinance.


Debbie Midkiff asked that the township review the drug and alcohol rehab center ordinance.


Tom Patacconi asked about Highway Commercial zoning along Valley Road that restricts the building of homes when the current use is mainly residential.



A MOTION by acclimation to adjourn at 7:20pm.



Respectfully Submitted,




Joseph Mullen, Secretary