February 6, 2018 - Regular Meeting

Chairman Robert Webber called the Regular Meeting of the Montour Township Planning Commission to order on February 6, 2018 at 6:30pm in the municipal building, Rupert, PA.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

All members were present:  Chairman Robert Webber, Vice-Chairman Forrest Bennett, Secretary Paul Kreisher, Andrew Keister and Mitch Gallaher.  Also present was Zoning Officer Tim Mauk.

MOTION Forrest Bennett, second Andrew Keister, to approve the agenda as drafted.  Motion Carried.

MOTION Paul Kreisher, second Mitch Gallaher, to approve the minutes of the January 4, 2018 Reorganization meeting as drafted.  Motion Carried.

MOTION Mitch Gallaher, second Andy Keister, to approve the minutes of the January 4, 2018 Regular Monthly meeting as drafted.  Motion Carried.


Matthew & Karla Leiby Subdivision

A letter from the Planning Commission to the Zoning Hearing Board stating their position on the subdivision was reviewed.  Members of the MTPC will attend the hearing.


Ordinance Updates

The Commission will continue to review the current ordinances with Jerry Walls and Tim Mauk.

The 12/31/2017 comments from Professional Planner Jerry Walls concerning Bed and Breakfast and Air B&B’s were reviewed.

Section 402.2 (K) 2 Occupancy Limits.   This needs to be reviewed and enforcement clarified.

Section 402.2 (K) 3 should be deleted, the Commission does not believe the Township should be responsible for the access provisions this should fall on the property owner.

Multi-Family Conversion Policy:  retain example barns and add additional examples.

Discussion of bed and breakfast and AirB&B was tabled to the March 6, 2018 meeting.  Robert Webber will contact Jerry Walls with the above concerns.


Property Condemnation

Zoning Officer Tim Mauk addressed properties on Grovania Drive and Indian Street that have been condemned. The owners have been contacted by Tri-County COG.  Two additional properties are being investigated.