March 7, 2017 Regular Meeting

Chairman Linda Woodward called the March 7, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Montour Township Planning Commission to order at 6:30pm in the municipal building, Rupert, PA.


The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Members present: Chairman Linda Woodward, Vice-Chairman Forrest Bennett, and Secretary Robert Webber. Absent were Josh Turner and Paul Kreisher.   Also present was Zoning Officer Tim Mauk.

MOTION Forrest Bennett, second Robert Webber, to approve the agenda as drafted.  Motion Carried.

MOTION Robert Webber, second Forrest Bennett, to approve the minutes of the February 7, 2017 Meeting as drafted.  Motion Carried.

Planning Professional

Motion Linda Woodward, second Forrest Bennett, to recommend the Board of Supervisors obtain quotes to update the Township Zoning Ordinance from planning professionals Jerry Walls, Kathy Hunter of Gannett Fleming and General Code.  Motion Carried.



Motion Linda Woodward, second Robert Webber, to recommend the Board of Supervisors in updating the Township Zoning Ordinance, address Airbnb, Marijuana Farming and Sales, and Commercial Amusement Business.  Motion Carried.


Zoning Officer Tim Mauk recommended the chapter of the ordinance that addresses the flood zone be updated. 


Motion Linda Woodward, second Robert Webber, to recommend the Board of Supervisors contact the PA Department of Transportation to place location signage for the Township Police Building and the Fire Company and Township Administration Building (1) East and West on Route 11 (2) at the Catawissa bridge on Route 42 (3) Train Street.  Motion Carried.

Public Comment

David VanHorn, property at 91 Colonial Avenue, was present at the meeting.  Mr. VanHorn submitted a sketch of his property.  It is surrounded by road right-of-way on all four sides.  He would like to be able to have better access to this property.  To do that he would like to grade Belmont Avenue to a 50 feet right-of-way with a 20 foot wide finish of non-grade and 2B stone.  He was advised that the Township cannot give him the access permission.  Neighboring property owners need to be contacted.


The meeting adjourned at 7:20pm

Respectfully submitted,


Robert Webber, Secretary Montour Township Planning Commission