August 2, 2016 - Regular Meeting

Chairman Linda Woodward called the August 2, 2016 meeting of the Montour Township Planning Commission to order at 6:30pm in the municipal building, 195 Rupert Drive, Bloomsburg, PA.

Present: Chairman Linda Woodward, Vice-Chairman Forrest Bennett, Secretary Robert Webber, and Paul Kreisher.  Absent was Josh Turner.   Also Present:  Supervisor Lori Ebright and Zoning Officer Tim Mauk.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

There was no public comment on the agenda.

MOTION Linda Woodward, second Robert Webber, to approve the agenda as drafted.  Motion carried.

MOTION Robert Webber, second Forrest Bennett, to approve the Minutes of June 7 and July 5, 2016 as drafted.  Motion carried.


New Member

At their July 14, 2016 meeting the Board of Supervisors appointed Paul Kreisher to fill the open Planning Commission member position. 


Comprehensive Plan

A discussion was held concerning comments made by the Board of Supervisors at their July 14, 2016 meeting pertaining to the revisions to the Township Zoning Map:

Section 2 (1.2) The MTPC does not see the problem with the area identified for the zoning change along Montour Run.  New development must have a stormwater management plan. 

Section 2 (1.7) Need to identify the alternate land for future use being referenced. 

Section 3 Where is the reference “removal of lands from Ag Security Area”.

Minor change 3 delete a specific company name and just reference water company.


Cell Tower

Tabled to the September 6, 2016 meeting.


Michael & Mary Howe Minor Subdivision – Preliminary/Final addendum plan Sunken Heights Avenue

MOTION Forrest Bennett, second Robert Webber, to recommend the Board of Supervisors approve the Michael & Mary Howe plan dated June 23, 2016.  Motion carried.

There was no public comment.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted,


Robert Webber, Secretary

Montour Township Planning Commission