Fire Department - STATION 240


The Montour Township Fire Department seeks to protect and meet the needs of our valued residents. The fire hall is always operating and is located at:

Montour Township Fire Department
195 Rupert Drive
Bloomsburg, Pa 17815
Office:   (570) 387-8989
Dispatch: (570) 784-6300
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are a Montour Township resident and in need of a new address sign or a replacement please call 570-204-4106. A sign with reflective numbers on both sides are $15 each.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:, is an organization dedicated to providing career and education information for the Fire Science community. Fire Science Online was founded in 2011 and serves those looking for fire science education and fire safety information.  Most recently, the organization broadened its scope to address several public safety and service careers such as homeland security, EMTs, forestry, and criminal justice to name a few.  Fire Science is funded by private donations and remains non-commercial and advertisement free.

We have recently launched a Pennsylvania guide focused on providing career and education information, and provide a list of schools and programs from the U.S. federal government National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), which contains a database of accredited Fire Science / Prevention / Safety Technology majors.  

On the career side, we provide income tables in Pennsylvania for Firefighters, Fire Inspectors / Investigators, and Fire Service Supervisors, discuss fire training, and have a full section dedicated to Public Service Careers - Anyone can access the Pennsylvania guide at:

In additional you can go to our homepage as a central starting point to navigate our website, which has helpful and in-depth resources:

For more information contact: Matt Davis Communications Director, Fire Science Online at (650) 204-4975

2019 Fire Company Officers

President: Chuck Bennett
Vice President: Ted Miller
Treasurer: Brian Fosse
Secretary: Melissa Fosse

Brian Laylon
Don Long
Jeff Miller

2019 Line Officers

Chief 240: Brian Fosse
Asst. Chief 240A: Don Long
1st Asst. Chief 240B: Chad Andress
2nd Asst. Chief 240C: Jeff Miller
Captain 241: Jeff Kingston
Captain 242:  
Captain 243: Bill Bingaman
Medical Captain: Melissa Fosse
Fire Police Captain: David McHenry
Traffic Control Lt.: Ted Miller


Below is the list of township documents, relevant to the Fire Department, for public viewing: