DECEMBER 22, 2015 - Special Meeting

A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE Montour Township Board of Supervisors was called to order on December 22, 2015, at 7:00 P.M. by Chairman Gerald Powers.  Gerald Powers, Joseph Mullen and Lori Ebright were present. 


Chairman Powers turned the meeting over to Solicitor Richard J. Roberts, Jr. Esquire, to conduct a hearing concerning an application for conditional use filed by Ronald R. Hileman pertaining to property at 259 Montour Boulevard, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  The Application sought approval to use the premises to store items incident to Applicant’s business involving the retail sale of motorcycles and motorcycle parts.                         

At the conclusion of the hearing, a motion was made by Lori Ebright, seconded by Joseph Mullen, to grant Applicant’s request for a conditional use subject to the following conditions:

  1.  The number of trailers on site is limited to five (5).
  2.  Applicant shall erect opaque fencing along the northern side of the property behind the Eckart premises extending from Deussen Drive to the wooded area on the easterly side of the property.
  3. Applicant shall erect opaque fencing extending from a point approximately twenty (20) feet east of the southeast corner of the northernmost building on the west side of the property to the wooded area on the easterly side of the property. 
  4. All structures shall meet the area and bulk coverage, setback, height and off street parking, loading and unloading, signs and any other regulations applicable to the Highway Commercial District.
  5. The use shall comply with the performance standards set forth in Part 6 of Chapter 27 of the Township’s Code of Ordinances.

      Motion was made by Joseph Mullen, seconded by Gerald Powers, to adjourn the special meeting.  Motion carried.